– exists for more than 20 years

– focuses mainly on document management

- Offisys systems were implemented in 13 European countries,

digitised more than 100 000 000 documents and saved more than 100 000 workhours

– Offisys uses DPUX software for document digitizing


ABBYY for document and character recognition


SAP software for system integration


and AiDMS for data storage


- all of these combined create a complex solution for corporate document management, which results in huge time and cost savings

- creates simple, visible and easily manageable business processes with fast implementation phase

- focuses on Adaptive Intelligence Automation, which includes automatic quality image creation, automatic data recognition, automatic data consistency, automatic processes, all of which result in Complete e-document handling


 Document processing



DPUX – Imaging



DpuScan – the Universal Capture Software for Color and Black & White

Scanning in Color, Gray, or black & white at the same high speed is just one of the major strengths of DpuScan. Besides data entry through user-defined dialogs and the quality control of scanned paper batches, it is possible to perform image enhancement at the same time, and to recognize barcodes, patchcodes, and any text. Images are automatically saved and sorted through extracted document information.


Automatic skew correction is no problem, even with extremely damaged paper!

Integrated filters and image enhancement methods make nearly unreadable sections readable again!


DpuScan is available in two different editions:

Unlimited Edition There are no speed limits and no monthly scan quantity restrictions. The different versions differ only in their functional range: DpuScan Standard DpuScan Professional DpuScan Gold unlimited contains all functions described here and also includes the module for defining ACDP color filters. Limited Edition The scan speed is adapted to the relative scanner being used. We offer different speed versions, but again there are no monthly scan quantity restrictions. DpuScan Gold Limited Edition contains all functions of DpuScan Gold unlimited, except the module for defining ACDP color filters. This module is available as an option. Nevertheless, ACDP color filters can always be executed.



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