Easy Scanning with Capable Built-In Features

DpuScan is a very powerful scan program. The Basic version can already comfortably deal with complete batches at full scanner speeds.

DpuScan offers all required functions for scanner settings, display settings, and the saving of scanned images. Furthermore, barcodes can be recognized, individual images can be modified for enhancement, data can be added manually, and with the integrated OCR module, scanned text can be recognized and saved. It makes no difference whether the documents are color or black & white.

By means of the filter technology integrated into the Gold Version, it is possible to generate additional black & white images from the color image, where unwanted background colors can be hidden.

With DpuScan Gold, every color scanner becomes a multistream scanner.

The strengths of DpuScan are its speed, reliability, universal application,

and user-friendliness – all at an astonishingly favorable price.

Barcode Reader, Patchcode Reader, and OCR Module are included.


Zoning Processor

The integrated zoning processor allows you to split-up a double-side original into 20 individual images, at max, even with different properties.



Did it happen to you that a form shaded in red was filled in with a pink pen? When you scan this form with a normal scanner and a red drop-out lamp – you will see nothing!

With a color scanner and DpuScan Gold, however, this is not a problem any more!

Different zones in color, gray, or black/white are no problem for DpuScan, not even with problematic originals.

You can define nearly any number of zones, with different properties.

So, for example, a folded A3 original can be split to four pages A4 in any sequence.


Create Bitonal Black & White Images from the Gray Image

DpuScan is equipped with Multi Dimensional Intelligent Thresholding (MDIT) functionality. MDIT performs a three-step analytical process to determine the optimum brightness distribution in an image. This analytical process results in a crisp black & white image, no matter what the original looked like.








DpuScan Gold is equipped with the ACDP module for filtering of color images. With it, any colors from the entire color spectrum can be filtered out to generate a gray image.




Support for Production Level Scanners

DpuScan supports many production scanners from all over the world.. The only requirement is a TWAIN or an ISIS driver supplied by the scanner manufacturer. ISIS support starts with DpuScan 5.21.



Jaromir Popelar




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